Rules of the trade
(including favorite brands of CDRs)


Trades against other boots are on a 1:1 basis. Jewel cases optional,
but packaging in individual cardboard sleeves or slim cases required.

Artwork to be included as much as possible. Otherwise full date, venue and setlist details required.

Disk At Once copy mandatory.

Absolutely no labels of any kind on CDRs.


Trades against blanks are on a 2.5 for 1 basis, all costs included. 80 min CDRs only.


Based on empirical experience with which brands work on all my CD players, or don't,
I take only copies made on (or blanks from) one of the following :
Kodak Ultima, Memorex, Traxdata, Mitsui and Fuji Film
Black favored, or Silver/Gold, no Blue. Made in Taiwan excluded.
(above list may vary with time depending on the evolution of quality and changes in primary sources of supply)
And (before anyone asks ;-), yes, Sony, TDK and Maxell are excluded.
And generics of any kind will be ruthlessly destroyed ;-)
And, due to numerous recent quality problems, PNY Technologies are also now off-limits.

Unless you specifically ask for a particular brand, I make all copies on Memorex Black
or Kodak Ultima Silver/Gold, depending on availability.
(unless using one of the brands quoted above and received in a previous trade)


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